Physiotherapy Centre:

We have well equipped physiotherapy centre being headed by qualified physiotherapist.

Speech Therapy Centre:

We also have well equipped speach therapy center headed by well qualified speech therapist.

Shelter Workshop and Vocational Training Centre:

Following are the fields where vocational training is being imparted to our children.

  • Candle Making
  • Kitchen Napkin
  • Flower Making
  • Shagun Envelops
  • Stationery
  • Embossed Painting
  • Liquid Cleaner
  • Hand Bags
  • Masala Grinding & Packing
  • PCO Operator
  • Photostat Machine Operator

Special stalls for the sale of above products are arranged at different places in the city.

Vocational Training to mentally retarded persons is more important to help them in independent living with self esteem. To attain this objective, this institution is providing various training projects according to retardation level of persons.

Self Help Projects:

Our team trains them in making articles & other goods like Candles, Liquid Cleaners, Masala Grinding & Packing, Envelops, Bags, Decorative material & other useful product to be sold later on. It helps them in self employment.

We arrange display of all items made by them through stalls at various places in the city on all festive days & other important occasions.


This institution is also training the mentally challenged person to work like STD PCO operators, Xerox operators, Canteen helpers, Office Boys, Packing & simple stages of assembling etc.

Placement Assistance:

After appropriate training, placement is also done by our institute according to capability & skill of the of trained candidates.

Aman Gandhi is earning 4000/- p.m. at Sonalika Industries, Hoshiarpur & Anil Kumar has been placed at pickle factory, Mahilpur.

Two MR children, Harish Kumar & Shanju, are working as special employees at our own school.

Cultural Activities:

They really love Dancing & our organization is putting best efforts to entertain them and learn with fun as well. We organize training workshops & various competitions for them. Our students have won various awards in stage performances & competitions. A few of them are learning western dance techniques with the support of Gyanpunj Educational Society from expert choreographers of NICE Computers.

Art and Craft:

They forget their slow pace & pour all their creativity once they pick colors & do sketches. Regular trainings & workshops in art & craft are always on in school premises.